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About Michael Mladjan

mikeI am a Colorado artist with years of experience creating art pieces from metal, primarily steel.

I have always enjoyed abstract sculpture and have experimented with different media such as wood, clay, plaster, and paper, but my preference is metal.

Currently I prefer to sculpture steel plants, realistic and representational.  These pieces are well suited for exterior placement.

Sculptural plants can be used to enhance space
unsuitable for live vegetation, or as an aesthetically pleasing centerpiece.

Although most of my art is part of a private collection, my sculptures can also be seen
throughout Colorado in various public parks.

Several pieces incorporate found objects which add a unique character and charm.

The botanical sculptures vary in form, texture, and color.

Some may be whimsical while others are quite realistic in form. My working life has been devoted to horticulture. My sculptures are a representation of my love for nature and are close to my heart. As I continue to grow and develop this energy, I look forward to sharing my sculpture plants with others.

I believe my art is an expression of my holistic and spiritual views of the environment and our place within it.

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